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Tennessee blaze kills 3 women, injures 11 other people | Bradenton Herald

A fire broke out at a home housing recovering addicts Wednesday, killing three women and injuring 11, officials in Tennessee said. They said the home had no working smoke alarms or fire sprinklers.

The Nashville Fire Department confirmed the deaths on its Twitter account. The department said 12 adults and a child were living in the house, which was operating as a residential recovery program.

Police identified those who died as Kathleen Baird, 22; Tammy Nelson, 36; and Elizabeth Lopez, 35.

Officials said in a statement that firefighters were called to the home shortly after 5:30 a.m. Wednesday and arrived to see flames coming from the structure and people outside who said others were trapped in the house.

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Nashville’s mayor is still feeling the burn from her admission of an affair

Mayor admits affair with head of her security 01:11

Washington (CNN)Six days ago, Nashville Mayor Megan Barry publicly acknowledged an extramarital affair with her head of security. She pledged to stay in office and work to restore the public’s trust in her. How’s she doing? I reached out to Joey Garrison, metro politics reporter for The Tennessean, to answer that question. Our conversation, conducted via email and lightly edited for flow, is below.

Cillizza: It’s been six days since Megan Barry admitted an affair with her former head of security. Are things in the city politics settling down at all yet?

Garrison: There’s been no settling down at all. Barry’s admission of a public affair with her former top security guard, Sgt...

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Options for Nashville TN Apartments

One of the biggest decisions that most people who move into Nashville TN will have to make is if they are going to purchase a piece of property or rent an apartment. Renting an apartment offers many different benefits, including the ability to move easily and not being tied to a particular area. There are many different apartments available throughout Nashville, including some in the city and some in the surrounding areas.

One thing that you want to consider is what you do on a daily basis. There are likely apartments available in the specific locations where you tend to spend the majority of your time. This can really make a difference in the quality of your life when you’re able to get back and forth on your daily commute and shave some time off in the process...

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Enjoy All Nashville Has To Offer

If you are somebody that loves to take a vacation, enjoys great food, see the sights and enjoy music, you will not find a better option than Nashville, Tennessee. It is an area that should be on your bucket list if it isn’t there already. A trip to Nashville can be the trip of a lifetime but there is one problem you may experience; there are too many things to do in a standard vacation.

Most of us take vacations to relax and to recharge our batteries, so to speak, to get prepared for the next round of life. It would be a shame to get frustrated because you weren’t able to do everything you wanted to do while you are away. Careful planning is necessary for your vacation and you will find that you enjoy it much better. Here are a few things you will not want to miss when visiting Nashville.

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