Nashville Symphony performs at TN School for the Blind


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The Nashville Symphony takes it show on the road once in awhile, mostly to perform for crowds that can’t easily make it to the Schermerhorn.

Seeing the Nashville Symphony is a spectacle, but hearing them is really what matters.

Monday, students at the Tennessee School for the Blind got an afternoon lunch of Beethoven and Mozart.

Music has always been welcome at the school, mostly when the students play it themselves.

But today, they were the audience.

Symphony violinist Louise Morrison didn’t know what the reaction would be.

"I hope to see them dancing, moving around, anything they want to do, we appreciate it."

Her hope happened after she played the first chord.

Leah Mayberry watched and listened intently.

"I think it’s amazing."

A first to hear music that’s 200 years old.

"I like how they play older music, I like it better than modern music."

With walking canes checked in at the door, students like Avery Mayberry who plays jazz trumpet sat and listened.

"A lot if it I analyze in my head mentally, and figure out the time and the signature."

It’s the symphony’s Ensemble in the Schools program bringing music to you.

On Monday, the Symphony announced its summer programs on the road will include Lebanon, Lafayette, Hendersonville, and Antioch.

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